New Publication

The edited collection “Theaterwissenschaft postkolonial/dekolonial”, by Azadeh Sharifi and Lisa Skwirblies published with a transcript, is finally out this week. It is also available as open access on the website of the publisher.

What does the demand to “decolonialize the university” mean for German-speaking Theatre Studies? What would a postcolonial or decolonial Theatre Studies in Germany look like? And what are the institutional and methodological changes that would need to occur in order to engage intersectional analyses of race, class, gender, sexuality etc. more structurally in our discipline? The authors of the different chapters in this book try to offer answers to these questions departing from their own experiences in teaching, research, and theatre praxis. Many of them also raise new questions interesting to all those that want to free their classrooms, curricula and rehearsal spaces from colonial traces today.

available as open access on the website of the publisher